Sellers’ Corner

Since we work only with buyers, you may wonder what we do if you have a house to sell.  While we don’t list houses for sale, we do know some good agents who do.  We can help you find an agent who knows your area, whether it be Frederick, Rockville, or another town and will do a good job of selling your current house while we help you find your new one.  This way you’ll have the best of both worlds, specialists in selling and buying!

If you are relocating out of Mid-Maryland, we have access to excellent sources for agents nationwide who can assist you in your new location, so call or email and let us help.  We are very used to seeing homes from a homebuyer’s perspective and have put together this section to give you some of that perspective.

Staying in the area and unsure how to proceed?  There are several options to explore:

  • Keeping your current home as an investment property
  • Selling and moving to a rental while looking for a new home.  This has the advantage of not having to have a house-to-sell contingency.
  • Buying with a house-to-sell contingency.  This will usually not be as attractive to a seller who may want a higher price because of it.  You will need to be prepared to lose the house be if another buyer comes along who does not have a house-to-sell contingency.

We can help you with this decision by making sure you have the right financial and real estate information to make a good choice.  If you like, a Buyer’s Best agent will prepare a market analysis for you, and help with some preliminary tips to get your home ready for sale.  Knowing what to expect from the sale of your current home and how to best get through the buying and selling can go a long way to reduce your stress level.

Having a good agent to sell your house will be priceless in preparing your home for sale so it shows to best advantage, and will help with pricing the house to sell in your time frame, as well as being responsive to meeting your needs.

Visit and check the seller’s section for more tips for you from a buyers perspective.

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