First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first home can be rough.  You don’t know what to expect; everyone you meet has a horror story about their home purchase; you don’t know where to turn for reliable assistance, and you’re dealing with real estate agents who rank close to the bottom in the “most respected professions” list, slightly above used-car salesmen.

Welcome to the world of Exclusive Buyer Agency
and The Buyer’s Best Realtors.

We work for you, never the seller, in your best interests to find the right house, the right loan and a good home inspector and settlement company, and are with you at every turn to make sure your homebuying experience is a good one.  We will help you determine your price range and the kind of house you can buy based on your priorities.  We’ll show you every house that meets your criteria, homes that are For Sale By Owners (FSBOs), and homes that aren’t even on the market if we’re not finding the right one.  We’ll help you evaluate the homes you view and will make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Most of all, we will listen to your wants and needs, and will be on your side throughout your home buying.

The Buyer’s Best is a service company with agents who are all specialists in home buying and in working with 1st-time homebuyers.

As a first-time homebuyer, you usually have many advantages and can be more flexible than someone who has a house to sell, which will make you more attractive to a seller.

Providing Home Buying Assistance in mid-Maryland

Here are some tips for getting ready:

  • The very first thing is to contact The Buyer’s Best Realtors when you are first thinking about a buying a home.  The benefits to you, especially as a first-time homebuyer are in being prepared and being a more informed and financially ready consumer.
  • It is critical to make sure your credit is clean, so if you think there might be issues, contact us and we can have your credit run and arrange for you to talk with a loan officer who can give you the answers you need about mortgages.A caution here – don’t pay off and close consumer credit accounts. You don’t have to be debt-free. In fact, it can hurt in getting a mortgage if you can’t show current judicious use of credit.
  • Go through the flow chart at “The Homebuying Process” so you know about the process and what will be happening at the different steps along the way.
  • Check out, and if you don’t see the answers you need, ask us.

We’ll first look at homes that will give you a broad overview of what to expect in your price range and target area.  Then we’ll narrow the search or change some of the criteria until we find that right house.  Once you’ve actually seen several homes and have begun to know better what is available, you’ll be more prepared to judge the homes you’re seeing.  We’ll go back again to look at the homes you like best; often they seem very different on that second look, sometimes better, sometimes worse.  At The Buyer’s Best, we will never try to sell you a house, but instead will work with you to find, buy, inspect and settle on the best house we can possibly find and at the best terms.

Unsure about renting vs. buying?

Although it may not look like it at first, sometimes The American Dream is less expensive than renting and has so many advantages, sometimes it isn’t the right choice for you at this time.  And in your own home, you can paint any color you want, you can get a dog, you’ll be building equity, you’ll be your own landlord!  Call or email for the publication “Rent vs. Buy” or just call and let’s talk it over. has a handy “Rent vs. Buy” calculator that will help you sort through all the factors that need to be considered.  A major factor is always the local conditions where you are thinking of buying; are prices there going up or down?  Local prices are key; remember that all real estate, like all politics, is local!

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